About Us

About Us


We implement innovative and traditional technologies that help reduce our impact on the environment. Our 1 acre plot houses 34 grow beds (10 of which are dedicated to a Veteran volunteers), 3 sheds, a water catchment patio with solar panels, a greenhouse with aquaponics, a chicken coop, bee hives and a 10 stall compost station. All of these elements play a part in our exploration of what it means for our bodies, communities and planet to be healthy.

What is


We describe The Sustainable Living Project (SLP) as an urban farm and education center where people can be immersed in the world of sustainability. we believe that the current food, energy and education systems are failing to equip communities with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to have a healthy relationship with the environment. Our mission is to cultivate communities dedicated to sustainability, our project offers hands-on experiences and education that encourage sustainable living.

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918 W Sligh Ave

Tampa, FL 33604

Our hours

9:00 AM – SUNSET
Monday – Sunday

Contact us

Phone: 813-230-7437
Email: SLPGeorgea@gmail.com