About Us

Who we are

At The Sustainable Living Project (SLP), we believe that the current food, energy and education systems are failing to equip communities with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to have a healthy relationship with the environment. To cultivate communities dedicated to sustainability, our project offers hands-on experiences and education that encourage sustainable living.

We describe SLP as an urban farm and education center where people can be immersed in the world of sustainability. We implement innovative and traditional technologies that help reduce our impact on the environment. Our 1 acre plot houses 34 grow beds (10 of which are dedicated to a Veteran volunteers), 3 sheds, a water catchment patio with solar panels, a greenhouse with aquaponics, a chicken coop, bee hives and a 10 stall compost station. All of these elements play a part in our exploration of what it means for our bodies, communities and planet to be healthy.


Our Story

SLP was the vision Will Carey, Executive Director of Tampa Bay Harvest, a local food recovery nonprofit that transports donated foods from those who have it, and do not want it, to those who want it but cannot afford it. The idea of growing food for the hungry sparked when Carey got fed up with feeding people in the community stale bagels. Carey had over 25 years of food industry experience and had a sense of what was good, healthy food and what wasn’t. Though members of the community struggling with food insecurity were grateful for any food to feed their families, Carey saw the same people week after week eating nutrient-poor food. This wasn’t going to end hunger. So, he set out to create a holistic, sustainable community garden that could feed, educate, and empower members of the community to take their health into their own hands.

In 2017, SLP recruited its own Operations Manager, Georgea Snyder, to continue to grow the mission and vision. SLP was ready to become its own entity. We’re excited to share that our Articles of Incorporation were filed with the state in December 2017 and we are awaiting the confirmation of  our  federal nonprofit status. These milestones in our history signifies that we are going to keep growing and making a positive, sustainable impact on our community.



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